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Curry Bundle No. 12C

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Budget Stretcher #28

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Executive Sampler #8

Economy Freezer # 30

Economy Assortment # 31

Freezer Stuffer Bundle #32

Stock Your Freezer # 34

Freezer Filler # 35

Trifecta #36

Griller's Delight No. 37

Anna Louise No. 38

Arctic Blast No. 39

Full House No. 41

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All Bundles include cutting, wrapping, identifying, freezing and boxing. Steaks " thick, Roast 3-4 Lbs., Ground Beef 1 Lb. Pkg. All Individually wrapped. All bundles subject to trim loss unless otherwise noted. All Purchases 100% Guaranteed If stored under proper conditions. Please allow ample time for our butchers to cut, trim, package and box your order for your freezer.  Click here to view our bundle pricesheet.

Package Quick Description Price
Curry #12C Curry Bundle Cut-up curry style. Chicken, Goat, Ox Tails.                           
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Lucky Day #21 Turkey Chops, Ground Beef, Pork Chops, Wings, Bacon, What a combo!
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New York City #11a The big apple! NY Strips, Chicken breasts and chuck patties.  healthy servings!
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Hotel Suite #14a High living! Delmonico Steaks, Chicken Breast and chuck patties. healthy servings.
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50 Lb Budget Stretcher #28  Feeding a family on a budget? This is the package for you. Pork chops, ribs,, hot dogs, sausage, chicken and bacon!
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(Only 2.20/lb) 
Beef and Pork Assortment #18 85 lbs of our most popular beef and pork cuts, all in one convenient and economical package.
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(Only $4.11/lb)
Executive Sampler #8 The best of the best! 25 lbs of premium cut steaks, ham, lobster and chicken breast.
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(Only 8.00/lb)
Economy Freezer # 30 This is a big one! 314 lb. Combination Package which includes: Split Front quarter of Beef, Half Hog, Chickens, Beef Ribs, Hot dogs, French fries, Green beans, Carrots, Green peas.
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Economy Assortment # 31  This one is very popular with our customers. A lot of meats for a great price!
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(Only 2.99/lb) 
 Freezer Stuffer #32 536 lb. Pounds Combination Package whick includes: Side of Beef, Whole Hog, Chickens, Vegetables 
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(Only 3.26lb)
Stock Your Freezer #34 406 lb. Pounds Combination Package Which includes: Split Side of Beef, Whole Hog, Chicken, French Fries!
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(Only 2.71/lb.)
Freezer Filler #35 444 lb. Pounds Combination Package Which includes: Forequarter of Beef, Whole Hog, Chickens, Vegtebles! 
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Only 2.93/lb.)
Trifecta #36 35 Pound Combination Package Which includes: Sirloin Steak, Chicken Drumsticks, and 1st Cut Pork Chops!
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Griller's Delight
No. 37
32-33 Pound Combination Package which includes: Jumbo Chicken Wings, 1st Cut Pork Chops, 1 Slab Baby back ribs, and 1-40ct box of Beef Patties.
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Anna Louise
No. 38
45-48 Pound Combination Package which includes: Leg Quarters, Bone-in Breast, Sliced Bacon, Ground Beef, and a Pork Loin cut into Roasts, Ribs, & Pork Chops.
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Arctic Blast No. 39 50 Pound Combination Package which includes: Boneless Chuck Roast, Bone-in Beef Short Ribs, Beef Stew, Chili Grind, Sausage, Ham Slices, Bacon, Whole Chickens, and Boneless Chicken Breast.
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Full House No. 41 35 Pound Bundle which includes: Beef BBQ Ribs, Sirloin Steak, Beef Patties, Boneless Chicken Breasts, and Jumbo Wings.
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