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Party Time!

Whole pigs cooked and ready to eat!
No worries! Don't stress. Let the best cook your next BBQ Pig

Whole Cooked BBQ Pig Weights
150lb. $493.50
140lb. $488.60
130lb. $479.70
120lb. $442.80
110lb. $427.90
100lb. $389.00
90lb. $360.10
80lb. $355.20
70lb. $323.30
60lb. $315.40
50lb. $299.50
40lb. $299.60
30lb. $279.70
20lb. $233.80

Prices subject to change without notice. Advanced Notice required.

  • Smoked with Real Hickory Wood
  • Serves Approximately 70 people.
  • Pick up Hot, served on a Serving Board (48"x30")
  • We do have all the fixings, everything except the dancing girls or guys!
  • Other Sizes Available!




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