Veal Recipes

  1. Herb Marinated Veal Loin Chops

    Herb Marinated Veal Loin Chops

    4                Veal Loin Chops (Approx 1/2 lb each)
    3 Cloves   Garlic (Peeled)
    1/2 C        Dry White Wine 
    4 TB          Olive Oil
    1/4 tsp     Black Pepper
    1 tsp         Thyme (Dried)
    1 tsp         Rosemary (Dried)
    1 tsp         Salt
    2 tsp         Yellow Mustard 

    Combine all marinade ingredients in a blender and blend until thoroughly mixed and the garlic is pureed. Place the chops and marinade in a zip top bag and marinade in the refrigerator 4 hours to overnight. Grill to desired doneness.
    Serves 4 

    Recipe By: Nelson Colwell, Pitmaster of Old Dominion Smokehouse Championship BBQ Team

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